The Chef Behind Big Delicious

Ridge Spring, a classic small town complete with local shops and friendly folks, is home to a restaurant that keeps customers happy and coming back for more. Chef Brandon Velie and his wife Jeanne opened up Juniper in July of 2005 and are still going strong. It seems Velie has struck gold with his combination of fresh food, attentive and smiling staff, and vintage decorations that instantly transport you to a place of nostalgia.

The community aspect has always been important to Velie and was one of the building blocks for Juniper. “We really wanted a restaurant that was part of a community as well as a place that used as many local products as possible.”

In order for any business to survive, there has to be innovation and dedication. Velie’s secret: Never get comfortable. “I think the best way we keep people coming back time and time again is the fact that we never rest on our laurels,” he said. “We strive to make every day the best day yet. I am a firm believer in the idea that I am only as good as my last plate.”

It is that kind of mindset that makes Velie and the food of Juniper the perfect choice for Gravatt’s Big Delicious Event happening Sunday, November 1. Big Delicious is a farm-to-table event where Velie will create a three-course dinner menu based on the freshest seasonal ingredients including Gravatt garden items and show attendees how to prepare these meals at home.

With a sold-out Big Delicious only days away, Velie is preparing for a fun night.
“I really hope people take away from Big Delicious an evening of great food, creative ideas, but, most of all, fun.“