Happening #75

            It’s that time again – Happening #75 for the Diocese of Upper South Carolina is set to take place March 11-13, 2016, at Camp Gravatt! Happening is a special weekend event for youth in grades 10-12 where the focus is placed on experiencing the love of Christ and learning how to make relationships with Christ and each other stronger.

            Happening weekends are based on a program created by the National Happening Committee. Happening was originally created in the 1970s by parents who desired to provide a Cursillo type of experience to youth too young to attend. While each weekend has the same basic program, each diocese has its own Happening style and the participants of the weekend contribute something unique to the program. Although each youth can only “make” one Happening, he or she can attend other weekends as a staff member. Thirty candidates are accepted for each weekend.

           Upcoming summer intern Claire Walters was a part of the most recent Happening at Gravatt. "This past December, I was honored to serve as Lay Rector for Happening #74," Walters said. "Candidates were able to experience the love of Christ as they grew as a family in the short time they were together. The Happening community was blessed to expand with over 20 candidates in participation who were an absolute blessing in my life. I was able to grow right beside the candidates as a leader and as a follower of Christ. I wish I could turn back time to experience it again!"

            Candidate registration deadline is February 19, 2016. The reunion date for previous Happening attendees is set for April 30, 2016, at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Clinton, South Carolina.

             To learn more about Happening #75 for the Diocese of Upper South Carolina, go to http://www.edusc.org/ongoing-youth-events/happening.html. To learn more about the history of Happening, go to http://www.happeningnational.org/.