Because of Gravatt

By Danielle Steger

Because of Gravatt, I’ve mastered the artistries of friendship bracelets and paint pens. I’ve befriended baby goats and caught a chicken. I’ve found that coffee can be consumed at all hours of the day. I’ve made lifelong friends and countless memories. But more importantly, because of Gravatt, I have learned so many things. Aside from learning how to belay, the rules of panda ball and campfire lyrics, I’ve also acquired many valuable lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

As a camper, I learned the values of teamwork when competing in (and winning) the Gravatt Olympics with my cabin mates. I now know the importance of personal space and that friendships made at camp can last a lifetime.

As a CIT, I learned that having a positive attitude is a major key to success in any environment. I was taught what it means to transition from being a camper to someone who serves Gravatt. 

As a JC, I learned never to give up on myself and to not take anything for granted. I know the value of working hard, not only for my campers, but for Gravatt in general.

As a counselor, I have learned how to be a role model and friend to each of my campers. I have come to understand what it truly means to be responsible for 8-plus other people and all that responsibility entails.

From my fellow staff members, I have learned the importance of eye contact and what it means to always be there for someone, especially on their most stressful days. I understand the importance trusting another person, and the value of forgiveness.   

Because of Gravatt I know that a positive environment, full of love and laughter, is all that a child needs to feel safe and comfortable. 

The lessons that Gravatt and Gravatt staff members have taught me are so imperative. They have shaped me into the person I am today, and for that I am forever grateful. Because of Gravatt, I spend my summer with tie-dyed legs and a Chaco tan, but along the way, I have learned so many things that I would not trade for anything else.   

Editor's Note: Because of what Gravatt means to Danielle and her sisters, they are raising money for camper scholarships so that more children can attend. If you'd like to help, visit their donation page.