The impact of Gravatt

By Caroline Sinegar

If there is one word to sum up how Gravatt positively impacts children, it is “home.” Gravatt provides a humble and safe home a child can come to and be the person that he or she wants to be. If they want to bring out their inner basketball star and spend the whole session on the basketball court – ball on. If they want to get over their fear of singing in public and write their own song for a talent show that provides an encouraging audience of people who love them – go for it. If they want to get crafty and creative and show everyone their artsy side – get painting.

Gravatt is an environment that offers nothing but love and support. Children get to explore who they are and what they love while being surrounded by campers from all different backgrounds and a caring staff who go above and beyond for them. Being in a place where one is so in tune with oneself makes it the best place to be equally in tune with other people. It is a whole different world where children can get to know each other on a deeper level without the distraction of everyday life. Because of this unique environment, solid relationships are formed that last beyond camp.

Gravatt helps children understand the importance of friendship and faith. Gravatt really takes a hold of them and blesses them with the best of the best. I have been so blessed to be adopted into the Gravatt family – the staff and campers who come back summer after summer are living examples of how Gravatt positively impacts children. The bottom line is Gravatt presents children with an opportunity to grow in faith, meet new people, and have fun. It is a place of high energy and excitement – everywhere in sight there can be found a smile, a friendly face.

This humble place might not have phones or air conditioning or fancy gadgets, but the Spirit thrives among squeaky ceiling fans that do not always work, friendly baby goats, and a glorified oversized pillow (thank you, blob). But it is obvious that we do not even need those fancy accommodations to love each other under these pines. The best part is that any child can make Gravatt what they want it to be – they can make it their own and get out of it what they want. I’m confident in saying that for most, it is a home.

Editor's Note: Because of what Gravatt means to Caroline, she is raising money for camper scholarships so that more children can attend. If you'd like to help, visit her donation page.