An Interview With Our Summer Camp Director: Scott McNeely

By Claire Walters, Summer Camp Intern


Meet Scott McNeely, a Clemson alumni and three time champion of the Gravatt Fantasy Football League. Scott is a very busy man, but fortunately he was able to sit down with one of camp’s summer interns, Claire Walters, to answer some questions about camp.

Q: How long have you been at camp?

A: I was a camper from 1990 to 1997 and I have been on summer staff since 2002.

Q: What is the most important part of camp?

A: Putting campers first. Our staff is entirely committed to that.

Q: In your opinion, what about our camp makes it the best one out there?

A: We have the most dedicated staff of any camp in the country.

Q: When you were a camper, what was your favorite camp activity?

A: Free swim. I like the water.

To some, Scott may come off as a bit intimidating. Maybe it’s the intense workout schedule or the never ending supply of protein shakes in his hands, but Claire was able to ask him some questions that might make him seem like more of the average person.

Q: What do you think the turnout of the Clemson vs. Carolina football game is going to be this year?

A: Pain. I’m gonna have a great day.

Q: Why don’t you like onions?

A: What kind of question is that? Not everyone is supposed to like every single kind of food!

Q: You’re a pretty buff man, what is your workout schedule?

A: Every day. Again, why is this a question?

Q: What makes the perfect protein shake?

A: These questions are terrible.