Meet Our Program Staff: Winston Collins

Meet Our Program Staff!

By Claire Walters, Summer Camp Intern

Welcome to Adventure Discovery! (Better known as A.D.) This year’s A.D. program is run by the one and only, Winston Collins, who serves as our ropes director, goat fanatic, and friend. I was able to sit down with Winston after one of his long days managing our Challenge Course to get his input on what this program is about.

Q: As Ropes Director, how can you ensure campers safety during our challenge courses?

A: I make sure that I give clear instructions that campers and staff understand and feel comfortable with. I provide our staff with the knowledge and training that our policies require that ensures the safety of the whole camp.

Q: What is your favorite part about our challenge course?

A: My favorite part is when there is a camper who is not sure of their own strengths and they challenge themselves to do things that they did not believe were possible for themselves. An example would be going down the zip line.

Q: What sets our rope course different from others?

A: We have a very traditional style ropes course where we allow our campers to choose their own goals based on their own strengths.

Q: What should the campers take away from this program? Can they use what they learned in their own communities?

A: Campers learn how to push themselves within their own limitations and build confidence in their abilities. Our program also shows the power in teamwork by giving real life examples of how teamwork would help in everyday challenges.

Winston has been working at Gravatt for a long time. We have all seen our favorite tall red-headed friend whether he be working at our conference center or playing with campers during the summer, but I am sure you all want to know more about him! He was able to answer some questions that might allow you to get to know him better.

Q: You have lived full time at Gravatt for two years, what draws you to camp life?

A: Every day I learn something new that helps prepare me for the “real world” which is possible because of our awesome community that Gravatt has built over the years.

Q: Gravatt owns many-a-goat and you have been at camp to help raise them from the beginning. Which goat would you consider your favorite and why?

A: My favorite goat is Tim because he was one of the originals and he was always the goofiest and the oddball of the group. I feel like we have a special connection.

Q: What is your favorite camp tradition?

A: My favorite camp tradition is the fact that our motto for our staff has always been to “put campers first”. It’s something that has always been a priority for our staff and I think it sets us aside from other camps because we are so relation-based. Instead of making a camper-to-counselor relationship, you’re making a friend-to-friend relationship.

Q: Winston, you have red hair and you are in the sun all day. How many freckles do you think you have?

A: Hmm….let me count…