A letter to the 2016 Summer Camp Staff from the ED and a mom

Dear 2016 Summer Camp Staff,

Thank you for making Camp Gravatt a safe place for young people. You have done amazing things this summer. Because of you, over 900 children had some of the best times of their lives. They knew they were loved. They tried new things. They laughed. They sang. Some of them cried. They learned skills. They saw God. They challenged themselves to accomplish feats they didn't think they could. They made new friends. They believed in themselves and knew someone else believed in them too. They experienced the undeniable love of Christ through you. You had a lot of other things you could have done this summer, and you chose to come to this place and make a difference to these children. Gravatt is better because you are a part of it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I hope you know that you always have a place in the Shalom Circle. I hope you know that because of you, the circle is stronger.


PS Special shout out to any counselor who had Daniel this summer and any staff member who made a special connection with him. I have watched him grow into a more confident, kinder, smarter young man because of you. As his mom, I want to thank you.