#whycampwednesday- Brooke Gowder

Gravatt is a place in the woods that will find a place in your heart.

That statement sums up Gravatt in just fifteen words, but Gravatt is so much more.  For example the bonds you make, the amazing staff, the perfect meals, and the fun activities.  Something that sticks with me the most from Gravatt is Shalom Circle.

Shalom circle is when the entire camp joins hands right over left, in a circle right in the middle of camp.  While we are in the circle we pray and sing.  One of the songs we sing is Shalom Haverim.  At the end of this song we all turn around and head to our cabins, ending another day at Gravatt.  

Shalom circle is a place of peace and quiet and is a huge Gravatt tradition.

On the last night of camp we all join together one last time in a huge circle for Shalom.  This Shalom is different though. 

In this Shalom circle we sing a few songs, then three fires come from separate areas of camp – the boy’s side, girl’s side, and dining hall.  At this time almost everyone starts to get teary eyed.  Once the lights meet in the middle of the circle to form a perpetual light, we sing Shalom Haverim one last time.  And now everyone is crying.

This part of the camp is the most memorable to me because everyone boy or girl, short or tall, comes together.  It is a feeling you just can’t describe.

Gravatt is a place in the woods that will find a place in your heart.

These fifteen words mean something completely different after you have had the Gravatt experience.