#whycampwednesday- Frank Townsend

Camp Gravatt has had a tremendous impact on my life, as it has for many others. So much so that it made me change my major in college, made me decide to be an intern after graduating, and to undertake the wonderful responsibility of helping spread the magic that is Gravatt to all of our campers this summer by being the summer camp director. With campers arriving Saturday for our All Ages 1 session, I could not be any more excited to begin what I believe will be the best summer Camp Gravatt has ever seen. Last summer, as assistant director, I was fortunate to learn from Scott, a director that transformed camp into what it is today, and to absorb so much knowledge and appreciation for all of the minute details that have to occur for camp to be successful. When he asked me to take the reins, it was an honor that I had never thought possible. Scott had told his staffs that he wanted to be camp director for the rest of his life, so him choosing to pass down the tremendous honor to me was something I honestly had never expected. I knew that this place was my calling and I needed to do whatever I could to give back to a place that had given me so much.

With campers arriving Saturday, I couldn’t be more confident in saying that we are ready for them. The Staff of 2017 is very close and excited for the first batch of campers. This staff training has been excellent, with most of the staff picking up where we left off in 2016. All of our new staff have been welcomed with opened arms, and have had the opportunity to learn from current staff and speakers we’ve had throughout our training. We’ve all been hard at work to prepare camp, along with the help of some wonderful Shalom Circle members, and as always, Camp looks amazing! Our staff is ready to share what experiences they have to offer to each child that steps foot on these hallowed grounds.

A big question is, why Gravatt? Fletcher Spigner came and spoke to us today a phrased it brilliantly. It is impossible to explain really why Gravatt makes us feel they way we do. Other camps have air conditioning, swimming pools, state of the art equipment. The way Gravatt makes us feel is why we keep returning. The bonds with each other we form, the thought of being able to influence countless campers, and just the fact we are doing it by spreading the love of Christ makes the long, hot, stressful days worth it. Like I mentioned before, we couldn’t be more ready for campers to arrive! We hope you will keep us all in your prayers as we embark on a life-changing summer for all who experience Camp Gravatt.