Oyster Roast 2018

On January 13, 2018, Gravatt hosted its annual Friends of Gravatt Oyster Roast. This is a time for Gravatt Friends to gather for staff to say ‘thanks’ to the people who support Gravatt daily through, time, talents, prayers, donation dollars, and so much more.

With friends from near and far and across all decades, so much fun was had, celebrating the place we all love so much. With a stellar cooking team (pictured at right) and some real determination and teamwork to find and transport oysters after a coastal freeze, the event was, as expected, a hit! Not only did guests enjoy delicious oysters, but there was also plenty of Low Country Boil and chili to go around.

Per Oyster Roast tradition, the Executive Director, Scott McNeely, had the opportunity to present the “Pop” Lawhon Lifetime Achievement Award to Dan Neal. Dan is a Gravatt friend through and through, who consistently goes above and beyond. Without friends like Dan and all of our Oyster Roast attendees, Gravatt truly couldn’t do the work that we do. Gravatt is a family of people who truly care, care about the future of Gravatt and the future of all who gather here, near and far, old and new. Keep your eyes peeled for information on oyster roast 2019 and don’t miss out next year!