How to Play Narball

Narball is a Gravatt-born tradition, created by former staff for the enjoyment of campers throughout their time at camp. The activity has become so popular that we're holding a Charity Narball Tournament to benefit Reach Out Camp, a camp session specifically for children of incarcerated parents. Want to put a team together, but don't know how to play? Find out below and sign a team up today at

How to Play Narball:


On either side of the Narball playing area (Chigger section), there is a pole with a flat dodgeball (Narball) sitting on top. The game is played with an additional functioning game ball.


The object of the game is to knock the opposing team’s narball off of its pole with the game ball. The game is played in two 8-minute halves with seven players, one goalie, two guards, one midfielder, and three attackers.


1.       You cannot move while you are holding the ball.

2.       You cannot shake the pole or hit the narball with anything other than the game ball to win a point.

3.       If the narball is knocked down by your own team it counts as a point.

4.       If the narball is knocked so that it slants, but does not fall, it cannot be reset until a point is won.

5.       You cannot strip the ball from an opposing player. You can however hit it out of their hands.

6.       The goalie is the only player that is allowed to stand on the goal’s tire.

7.       If the ball goes out of bounds, possession is awarded to the team who did not hit the ball out.

8.       Once a point is won, the goalie throws the ball back into play.

9.       The game starts with a jump ball. If a jump ball is called during play, possession will be awarded alternately to each team.