Going Green at Gravatt

If you are a camper, guest, or are on staff at Gravatt, you know that we are working towards becoming a zero-waste facility. What that means is we make a conscious effort to better the world around us. Just a few of these measures are composting all food scraps to fertilize the garden where we grow food to serve to our guests, recycling materials like paper, plastic, glass, etc., raising chickens for eggs and pigs for pork products to serve to our guests, and even serving a number of locally-sourced products from various farms across South Carolina.

Environmental education and stewardship is a huge part of the guest experience. Whether guests are simply learning the importance of composting and recycling in the dining hall or it’s a field trip focused on how to care for the Gravatt Garden, it is our goal that each and every guest leaves our property knowing a little more about what it means to care for Creation.

Interested in hearing more about Gravatt’s Environmental Education Program? Contact program@campgravatt.org with questions and contact office@campgravatt.org to book!