Find Your Best Self at Gravatt this Summer

“Gravatt is the place where we discover our best selves,” is a sentiment shared to summer staff by Executive Director Scott McNeely. This phrase adequately portrays the experiences of the thousands of campers served at Camp Gravatt over the 69 years of summer camp ministry, not to mention the experiences of the 37 staff who spent this week preparing for a summer of counseling youth. Gravatt summer 2018 staff arrived May 27 to start the summer training process with the expectation of helping the children they counsel this summer to do just that—discover their best selves. It might sound like a tall order, and it is, but the group assembled to guide and lead your children this summer is up to the challenge.

After hours of risk management and safety training, hearing the importance of their role from parents, former staff, and clergy, and even a game of Narball or two, this group is ready and anxiously awaiting their first group of campers. They are ready to teach them new games. They are ready sing with them at the top of their lungs. They are ready to learn 50 favorite colors. They are ready to laugh. Most importantly, they are ready to shine the light of Christ on each of the children entrusted into Gravatt care this summer. These counselors are ready.

Many of you might wonder how any of these staff could possibly be up to the challenge of caring for children, not to mention helping children “discover their best selves,” but the answer is truly simple. Each and every one of our summer staff can help children achieve this because they, too, discovered their best self at Gravatt. Whether they discovered it at 6 years old or they did so at 19, they all share that truth. They are their best selves at Gravatt. The best part? It’s impossible not to share.