Friends of Gravatt Oyster Roast 2019

Gravatt is among the thousands of nonprofit organizations across the nation that would be unable to continue working towards a mission without the kindness of donors and the hard work of volunteers. With that in mind, Gravatt sets aside a day in January to gather supporters near and far for a night of pure gratitude.  On Saturday, January 19, Gravatt held the 7th annual Friends of Gravatt Oyster Roast, an event designed to pause and celebrate the accomplishments made possible by the generosity of our donors and volunteers. With over 100 of Gravatt’s staff, sponsors, and supporters in attendance, it was a night to remember.

As always, Gravatt kept everyone well-fed with all-you-can-eat oysters, along with a Low Country Boil, homemade chili, and even campfire s’mores. While guests munched, they were able to reconnect with old friends, talk with staff, and even make new friends and connections with the other guests present. And because Friends of Gravatt are truly the best team of supporters, they took this opportunity to continue their work by inviting their friends and family to the event to introduce them to staff and even sell them on sending their children/grandchildren to summer camp!

One night of gratitude could never be enough to show our Friends of Gravatt what they mean to us, but we relish the opportunity to bring them all together for a night of delicious food and excellent company. This night is one staff looks forward to all year long, and it is one cherished by the Gravatt Family. Thanks to all who attended and those that couldn’t make it; we look forward to seeing you all again for our favorite event in 2020!