ECCC Annual Conference: Inward, Outward, Forward

                Each year, Episcopal Camps and Conference Centers from across the country come together for a week of professional development, community building, and wellness at one of the 106 centers involved with ECCC. This year, the conference was held at Waycross Camp and Conference Center, in Morgantown, Indiana, with a theme of “Inward, Outward, Forward.” This theme was deep-rooted in workshops, keynotes, and even wellness activities, designed to grow participants inwardly, allow them to take that growth back to their own organizations, and move forward together into this word of camp and conference ministry. Throughout communal study, participants and conference facilitators were brought back time and time again to the realization, that as safe and sacred spaces, we are given the opportunity to move ahead, oftentimes ahead of the church to make way for meaningful and impactful change.

                Scott (Executive Director), Beth (Director of Camp and Program Development), and Kara (Director of Marketing and Development) were able to explore the potential to make way for this change within their own positions at Gravatt through fellowship with other camp and conference professionals. Bouncing ideas, forming bonds, and brainstorming together with comparable colleagues from across the nation was truly invaluable, and the three Gravatt staff each came away with fresh new ideas and tactics to usher Gravatt into its ever-promising future. Sanctuary is a word that means so much to the Gravatt community, and learning together with other sanctuary-keepers around the country was a honor and one that is sure to change Gravatt as an organization, “Inward, Outward, and Forward.”

Other fun highlights: We witnessed presiding Bishop Michael Curry speak and Scott held a baby.