4 Activities You'll Enjoy at Spring Break Camp

1) Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Under the Beckham steps, in the foos ball table, behind the dining hall….who KNOWS where they’ll end up? With Easter following two days after Spring Break Camp, it only makes sense to have a Spring Break Camp Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt. Who doesn’t love a classic Easter activity with a Gravatt twist? Get your baskets ready, people!

2) Spring Picnic

Nothing says springtime like a sun-kissed picnic. We’ll pack up a delicious lunch, pick out the best view, and enjoy the sunshine while munching together in between archery, high and low ropes, hours of Panda Ball, and so much more!

3) Extended Campfire/Cookout

Is campfire your favorite part of summer camp? You’re in for a treat: an extended campfire/cookout is on the docket for the week of Spring Break Camp! That means more songs, skits, s’mores, and all the wonderful things that make up a Gravatt campfire.

4) Extended Free Swim

Everyone loves free swim, so why not extend it?! When you join us at Spring Break Camp, you and your friends get to enjoy the extended version of your favorite camp activity!

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