Staffer of the Year Presentation

At the close of every summer at Camp Gravatt, the Frederick C. Byrd Most Outstanding Staff Award is presented to one male and one female staff member. This honor is decided upon by their fellow counselors, and it is always a very special presentation. Recipients of the award from years passed are invited to attend to congratulate the honorees and share in their joy.

Summer 2019 was special for many reasons: it was the biggest summer in Gravatt history (with 1,105 campers), it was the inaugural summer of “The Water Moccasin,” the waterslide funded by the 2018-2019 Shalom Circle, and it was arguably staffed by the most talented young adults in the book – most notably Mason Kapp and Graham Knowles.

“He brings magic to Camp Gravatt.” “She makes every day the BEST day at camp.” These are just two of the awe-inspiringly beautiful sentiments shared of Mason and Graham and their love for their campers and for Gravatt by their fellow staff members. With tearful hugs and a shower of applause, the entire dining hall was on their feet to congratulate the new recipients on their hard work paid off.

This particular presentation was made even more special by the presentation of a second award: the Pop Lawhon Lifetime Achievement Award, created to acknowledge a friend of Gravatt whose support and dedication can no longer go unnoticed. 2019’s recipient has served Gravatt in just about every capacity imaginable during his lifetime: camper, counselor, volunteer, advocate, board member, board chair, and most importantly, friend. Father Scotty Brock has always been and will always remain a genuine friend and valued asset to the Gravatt Family, and it was only fitting recognize his dedication in this way.

Gravatt isn’t Gravatt without the people: the people who camp there, the people who work there, the people who seek refuge there, the people who worship there. We are endlessly grateful for these three Gravatt family members who seek to complete our Mission, day in and day out.