Shalom, Beth!

To the Gravatt Family,

I have been a part of Gravatt for my entire life; I started coming as a camper 19 years ago and started on staff 7 years ago, and I am so thankful for all of the love and support this community has given me over the years. I am planning on starting a Masters of Nonprofit Management at the University of Georgia in the spring, but I have so many incredible memories from camp that I will take with me.

For all 7 years, my favorite thing was to sit on the Holly Hut porch at night and listen to all the craziness coming from tents as the kids were getting ready for bed, and talking to the girls' staff as they came up from devotion telling all of their wild stories from the day.

I am excited for the future of Gravatt, and I hope it continues to be a place where children can test their limits, be independent, learn about love, and grow into the good humans that God put them on this planet to be. My dream for camp is that the next wave of campers and staff appreciate the value of Gravatt and the relationships that are made and grow in such a special place.


Beth Jones