The Gravatt Environmental Education Program (GEEP) exists to increase awareness, knowledge and appreciation of South Carolina natural resources.

With over 270 beautiful acres, including 177 acres of woodlands, two lakes and several ponds, and Camp Gravatt Farms, Gravatt offers an abundance of environmental education opportunities.

GEEP features a carefully guided nature hike along our Sparkleberry Trail winding through a beautiful longleaf pine forest and culminating with Atlantic white cedar bogs surrounding the beautiful Lake Henry.

Programs are available for all grade levels and can be tailored to meet a variety of curriculum goals. All activities are led by skilled, enthusiastic and professional members of our staff.


Guided Nature Hike
Take a scenic hike around our Sparkleberry Trail, named for the striking Sparkleberry holly that lines the beginning of the trail.  Venture through a longleaf pine forest and Atlantic white cedar bogs, and witness all the beauty and diversity of these two very different ecosystems. Participants will observe plants, trees, and animals found in each ecosystem, while also learning environmental awareness, ethics, and individual responsibilities. Activities can be tailored to include a nature scavenger hunt, plaster casting of animal tracks, or creating a nature journal, while also providing ample opportunities for nature photographers.

During warmer months, participants will witness unique swarms of writing spiders that build towering and elaborate webs for catching their prey. Numerous bird species, in addition to migratory species, include the pileated woodpecker, red-tail hawk, wild turkey, ducks, and geese, heavily populate our lakes and woodlands. Other animals include white tail deer, coyotes, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, bats, snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles, and fish. Trees, including persimmon trees that produce edible fruit during late October and early November, as well as longleaf pines, oaks, and maples among others, provide the back drop of our plush woodlands year round.


Participants may choose to spend time in Gravatt's garden. Depending on the time of year, it is possible to learn about agriculture through planting, harvesting, soil preparation, food preparation, composting, and care of Gravatt's chickens, goats, or bees.

Learn basic canoe and water safety skills. Then test yourself as you paddle around Lake Henry exploring our diverse wildlife and fauna.

Challenge Course
Complete your trip with a visit to either our low or high ropes course. Challenge yourself and engage in many exciting skills as you experience team building, effective communication, trust development, and leadership.

Learn more about the Challenge Course

Picnic Lunch
Enjoy a picnic lunch on the beautiful shores of Lake Henry. Participants have the option of bringing their own lunch or allowing Gravatt’s staff to prepare a nutritious bagged lunch.

Additional Activities
Overnight stays and additional activities for water, forestry, habitats, ecosystems, and recycling are available. Possible activities include fishing, map and compass use, outdoor living and survival skills, camping, owl pellet hunting and dissection, camp fire building, and bird house/feeder construction. Some activities involve additional fees, which will be discussed in advance.