The Friends of Gravatt Annual Fund

The Friends of Gravatt Annual Fund was created to build financial and spiritual support for a community that has, for over 65 years, ministered to people of all ages by providing a space for Christian formation, recreation, and fellowship.

As a Friend of Gravatt your gift will support camper scholarships, programming, facility maintenance, and outreach missions. Your gift will also build a strong future for Gravatt Camp and Conference Center.

Be a sustaining supporter of Gravatt by choosing to give automatic, monthly, quarterly, or annual gifts.  Monthly donations are an easy way to make a big impact at Gravatt.

The Gravatt Tree Program

The Gravatt Tree Program was established in 2015 to create a living tribute to honor or memorialize individuals, provide continual beauty, and perpetuate a loved one's spirit.

Trees are an outstanding gift to honor friends and family: to celebrate a birth, an anniversary, or other special day.

Trees are a great new addition to the grounds of Gravatt. Tree varieties will be selected by Gravatt staff, to provide tree selection that will match the aesthetics of Gravatt, benefit birds and wildlife, and that will be suitable for growing conditions and environment. All trees will be planted during the planting season of November through February.  Trees are maintained by the Gravatt staff. Trees are planted throughout the grounds in prominent sites. Your tree will be recognized with a plaque honoring your contribution and loved ones. Your donation will add to the beauty of Gravatt, while also contributing financially to Gravatt’s mission of environmental stewardship.

Cost to purchase a tree is $175.

For more information or to purchase a tree, please contact Thomas Coleman at

Gravatt Tree
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