GEEP Curriculum

The goals of the Gravatt Environmental Education Program are to:

  • Educate children about the natural world around them, so that they can develop an appreciation for it;
  • Educate children about where their food comes from and what it takes to prepare, plant, take care of, and harvest from the garden;
  • Teach them different ways to think/how to think about the environment, rather than what to think;
  • Inspire them to be more involved and invested in the environment, so they can be resourceful and responsible stewards of our Earth;
  • Teach them why this knowledge is important and why it matters;
  • Will provide them an education that is hands-on and relevant to what they are learning in their classrooms at school (whether it be in science, history, or language arts)

To see a more detailed version of how SC Standards relate to our topics, click here

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