Planned Giving Opportunities

What is Planned Giving?

Planned gifts are a variety of charitable giving methods that allow the donor to express his or her personal values by integrating charitable, family, and financial goals. You don't have to be wealthy. Planned giving is a means by which anyone concerned with the wise use of his or her personal resources makes a considered choice about their ultimate disposition. 

Planned giving offers a special way to:

  • Create a legacy which expresses the giver's deepest convictions;
  • Respond thankfully to God for diverse resources by sharing wealth, both spiritual and material;
  • Contribute to Gravatt's ministry of hospitality for generations to come and provide financial stability for the future;
  • Raise this ministry to the level of family in a person's estate plans;
  • Earn potential tax advantages for the giver and his/her heirs;
  • Provide opportunities to participate in this ministry of hospitality- to make a difference and enrich people spiritually. 

We are the seeds of the future, for those who succeed us. We are called to partner with those who have gone before us and to offer the best that we have to give to those who will follow. Planned giving is one way we can meet the call. 

Gravatt's board and staff are incredibly grateful for the men and women who have chosen to remember Gravatt in their will or estate plan. 

These gifts make a significant and lasting impact on Gravatt and its ministry.

Many wonder what their legacy will be. It's an easy thing to leave a financial legacy that shows your commitment and love to a ministry like Gravatt. When you mention Gravatt Camp and Conference Center in your will, your legacy will live on for many generations to come. Remembering Gravatt in your will, retirement account, trust, or insurance policy is the easiest way to ensure a continuing ministry of hospitality at this place in the woods for years to come. 

For more information, please contact Executive Director Scott McNeely at 803.648.1817 or 

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