#whycampwednesday- Lucy Peacock

Out of all of the hundreds of ways Camp Gravatt has influenced my life in my six years of being a camper, not one of them is negative. I have created life long friendships and memories in this happy place of mine. Every single counselor and camper is a continuous joy throughout the entire session. The amazing staff puts you and all of your needs above them and make you feel at home. I look forward to camp every year for a gathering of myself and dozens of new best friends I will meet throughout the week/10 days and reunions with my camp family of years past. You can feel Christ in the air through Footprints and devotions before bed every night. At camp, the staff is the perfect balance of fun loving, crazy and disciplinary. I have realized that I have started to tear up as I write this, because of how much I dearly miss my favorite place and all of the memories associated with it. A few years ago, I decided to not go to camp and attend a musical theatre camp. When I came to camp to pick up my sister, I started crying once we got to the dirt road leading up. In that moment, I realized Gravatt was where I belonged no matter what. I can always find comfort in the place in the woods that has a very very special place in my heart. I have been counting down the days since registration and the 62 days feel like a century. Words cannot describe my love for my favorite place and the people associated with it.

Love with all my heart,
Lucy Peacock